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WP 2: Characterisation & classification methodologies

Started : January 2000 Duration : 36 months
Leader AEA Technology Rail BV
Participants European Rail Research Institute
French National Railways
Psi-A Kalivoda Consult
TNO Institute of Applied Physics
Politecnico di Torino
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research


  • To provide methodologies for describing different types of railway track and vehicles separately.
  • To propose an appropriate classification system for trains and track types.


  • To develop and validate the measurement and calculation tools needed in the various methodologies.
  • To look at both available data and data from campaigns to be carried out in the project, for the following purposes :
    • To demonstrate a harmonised data structure.
    • To demonstrate the measurement methods and their consistency with the calculation tools.
    • To propose the classification system.
  • To develop approaches to measurement and classification.
  • To agree general methodology.
  • To design a structure containing all data gathered in the framework of the project.
  • To develop characterisation and separation tools.
  • To analyse the data and hereby quantify the new classification system.


  • Reports containing results or descriptions of techniques.
  • A database containing train and track noise data from each participating country with analysis and assessment.
  • A proposal for a classification system: a preliminary proposal at the start of the project, an intermediate proposal at mid-term and a definitive proposal at the end of the project.

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