Work Plan
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WP 1: Railway noise strategy support system

Started : January 2000 Duration : 36 months
Leader Swiss Federal Railways
Participants European Rail Research Institute
French National Railways
AEA Technology Rail BV
German National Railways
Psi-A Kalivoda Consult
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
University Libre de Bruxelles
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research


The Work Package will develop cost/benefit software. This can be used to assess various noise reduction options (such as optimised wheels, new brake blocks and size/position of barriers) in order to work out the optimal combination of noise reduction strategies which could be applied either at national or European level.


  • Specifying and building up a common European database
  • Specifying and developing the cost/benefit software decision support system
  • Building an interface with national and other noise databases
  • Data collection
  • Producing the Optimisation algorithm
  • Extrapolating data to cover the entire European network
  • Carrying out the cost benefit calculation


  • A comprehensive decision support system for noise policy makers capable of carrying out the assessments shown above, supported by a European rail traffic database (including noise characteristics), topographical maps and comprehensive cost data for the different noise reduction options.

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