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How does STAIRRS canvas opinion ? - The Consensus Workshops

The objective of the workshops is to provide a forum in which to reach an agreement on the balance between the environmental needs of the Community, the technical solutions available and the costs entailed to achieve target noise levels.

The output from these workshops will feed into the detailed programmes of WP1 and WP2 ensuring that the project programme is consistent with the major influencing strategies. This ensures maximum exploitability and implementation of successful results within a minimum timescale.

1st STAIRRS Workshop Brussels, 23rd March 2000
2nd STAIRRS Workshop Paris, 6th/7th March 2001

Two further workshops are planned for 2002, towards the end of the project :

3rd Workshop March 2002 First results of Cost Benefit Analysis
Final Workshop November 2002 Presentation of Final Results

For more detail on the aims of the workshops and their background see the page on WP3 : Consensus Building Workshops on Reducing Noise from Trains.

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